PC4REPAIR is your collaborator for business and your friend for home. PC4REPAIR provide you solutions and support to your IT business peak and also install, fix and take care of your home IT devices. PC4REPAIR offer you also a large choice of home pc and laptops with the best cost in the market. For companies who need to embellish their companies web image, PC4REPAIR provide a high quality web design which responds to all your design and budget expectations. It’s not all, PC4REPAIR give you the possibility to host your web project in our hosting service with a high quality assistance service to success your hosting operation.

Our technical team and support are available to answer all your questions and fix all your business and home IT problems 24/7 days a week.

So be happy and call PC4REPAIR.


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Do you need to host your web project?

Do you want to reduce hosting costs?

Do you need a hosting support to facilitate your hosting?

PC4REPAIR is THE solution

PC4REPAIR provide you a good hosting service for different purposes (wordpress, e-commerce…).  Also our technical team can support you 24/7 days a week to host your web project without troubles.

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Are you worried about maintain your IT peak ?

Do you seek an outsourced IT collaborator?

Do you need an IT support to go together with your business development?

PC4REPAIR is THE solution

With the know-how and the expertise of our staff, PC4REPAIR team follow you to overcome all your IT problems. We offer you a high quality IT support service with higher availability 24/7 days a week.

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Do you need to buy a new laptop or pc?

 Have you bought a new home device? Laptop, pc, security camera, printer, scanner, web camera, ...?

 Are you confused by installation instruction?

 PC4REPAIR offer you a large choice of laptops and pc with the best cost/performance ration in the market. PC4REPAIR technical team provide you a high quality service to install all your new devices. We are at your disposal 24/7 days a week to solve all your home IT devices problem.

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Do you need a website to present your business?

Are you feed up with your outmoded web site?

Do you seek a website that reflects your company image?

Do need a website adapted to your budget?

PC4REPAIR is THE solution

PC4REPAIR team provide you a high quality web design & app design. Taking into consideration your budget, our talented team respond to all your website design expectations with impressive designs and good quality.

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Have you ever dreamt of creating you own 3D objects?

Do you need to print your 3D project and you didn’t find a printer?

 Do you seek a high quality 3D printing?

 PC4REPAIR make at your disposal a high quality 3D printer to realize all your 3D dreams. Our 3D printer can print your 3D projects with the best cost performance ration in the market. Also PC4REPAIR offer you a technical support to success printing your 3D objects.

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